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By Way of Introduction: Andy Glockner

12 August 2010

How and when did you come to support your club?

I started following Fulham more closely in 2005 when a couple of Americans were making appearances for them. I started to fully buy in as a supporter during the 2006-07 season, when I was hopeful they would avoid relegation and keep our guys in the Prem. Then I was hooked and started supporting the club instead of just a couple of American players.

Typically, how do you watch your club’s matches?

I’ll watch whenever they’re on TV and will try to find an online feed if they’re not, but watching a stream isn’t a 100% option, especially when you’re juggling small kids at home.

What have been your best and worst moments as a supporter?

Best moments came during the Europa League run last season, specifically the comeback against Juventus…

…and the rally past Hamburg (and postgame celebrations) to make the cup final.

The worst moments were down the stretch of the 2007-08 season when it looked to all the world like the Cottagers were going down.

You got the sense they wouldn’t have been in that position had Brian McBride not been hurt, but life doesn’t work that way. Of course, that set the stage for The Great Escape:

What is it about the game — and specifically the English game — that appeals to you?

The passion and the pace of the English game is appealing, as well as its accessibility on U.S. television. La Liga is more technical and skillful, but the Prem is the most fiercely contested league in the world.

What would you say to a recent convert to the sport looking for a club to support?

Find a club that plays a style that you find appealing and has relative stability so you can feel good about buying in for the long-term. Don’t adopt one of the current top teams unless there’s a really good reason to do so. It’s OK to watch them and appreciate them without being a supporter of those clubs.

How do you feel about your club’s longterm prospects?

Fulham’s long-term prospects are decent in the current setup, but room for error for a club with a modest-sized ground and that lacks the cachet of its larger neighbors will never be fully secure in the modern cash-driven game. Fulham’s owner has spent decently to stabilize the club at the top level, but one bad season or one bad ownership switch, and Fulham could be like any other mid-sized club that couldn’t sustain.

What other clubs do you either support or want to see do well?

If I have to root for a top-five side, I’ll root for Arsenal. I have always enjoyed the relatively skillful way they play. Because of the continental influence on their roster, they’ve always been a technical joy in a sometimes-skillless league. I also have a secondary side I semi-support in Cardiff City. It would be fun to see a Welsh side make the Prem and they play a fun, attacking style.

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