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Excitement with some foreboding

13 August 2010

Epic fail: The shocking home defeat to Spurs on May 5 ruined City's season.

I’ll just get this out there. I can not stand Tottenham Hotspur right about now. Up until this summer, they’d spent like drunken sailors in silly ways — buying, selling, and buying back players. Their fans have an inflated sense of the club’s status. I recall reading comments from Spurs fans wondering why a certain transfer target would want to sign with City instead of the much bigger club that is Spurs.

I’d been annoyed by Tottenham for a couple of years, so you can imagine my horror when they were the ones to break up the Big Four cabal this past May instead of City. I would liken it to if you had a longtime crush on a girl who finally broke up with her longterm boyfriend, but your annoying co-worker beats you to the punch and starts dating her before you can act.

Honestly, if Spurs were to play United, I’m not sure who I would rather see lose. Maybe a scoreless draw with plenty of injuries?

So now add in the fact that City’s performance in recent years against Spurs has been absolute crap. The overall head-to-head numbers are pretty even (50 City wins, 56 Spurs wins, 33 draws), but in the last 10 league meetings, City have won just once and lost the other nine.

Now consider the fact that the media and supporters of pretty much every club except City, Arsenal, and hopefully Hyde FC would love it if The Wealthiest Club in the World were to open the season with a giant thud, and you see why this opener is so huge. It’s a great chance to put down a marker and make a statement of intent that City are title contenders.

Mario Balotelli’s signing today comes too late to register him in time for tomorrow’s match. It’s safe to say you won’t see Craig Bellamy or Stephen Ireland named to the team, so I expect to see something close to this:

In terms of acceptable results, a win would be great, a draw would be slightly disappointing but acceptable, and a defeat would be very upsetting for all the reasons listed above.

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