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Schwarzer completely off the Mark

06 September 2010

Boy, it seems like Mark Schwarzer’s back “injury” is a lot better. Maybe now he should work on fixing his attitude.

Schwarzer continues to be floored by Fulham's refusal to undermine their own goals to satisfy his.

Fulham’s presumed once-again No. 1 goalkeeper put on a dazzling display in a friendly Friday for Australia, but afterward made sure to make more no-comment comments about how pissed he is that mean-spirited little Fulham dared not sell him for peanuts to Arsenal. Because, you know, a Premiership side’s first priority is making sure it sells its best players for 50 cents on the dollar to other teams because that’s what the player wants.

Here are a few things Mark should ponder as he continues to complain:
1) Maybe he shouldn’t have spent 11 seasons at mediocre Middlesboro if he was so concerned about glory. Then again, that would require someone to have wanted him before this.

2) Fulham appeared in a European cup final last season and might also have advanced to the FA Cup final had the squad not been spread so thin by multiple competitions (and a blinder by Gomes at the Cottage that forced a replay at White Hart Lane, one in which Fulham actually led before dying on the vine).

3) Given Fulham’s current quality and, more important, that Manchester United and Chelsea still exist, a move to Arsenal doesn’t give Schwarzer a significantly greater chance at domestic silverware.

4) Maybe Arsenal shouldn’t have made its second offer the same as its first, or waited until the last day of the transfer window to finally make an acceptable offer, leaving Fulham no time to find a replacement. They gambled on Schwarzer being able to gripe his way into a transfer, and lost (for now).

I understand the appeal of a move to a big-four side and I’m sure Schwarzer wants to experience Champions League football, which will never happen for him at Fulham. It’s not reasonable, though, to throw the equivalent of a toddler tantrum because the club that provided you the highlights of your career doesn’t want to sell you on the cheap and leave itself completely exposed three matches into the season.

From all reports, Fulham tried to acquire Shay Given or another comparable option to enable Schwarzer’s move. For whatever reason(s), it didn’t happen. It’s time for Schwarzer to shut up, be professional and play at a high level. Then he can look forward to a possible move in January, once David Stockdale is healthy.

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