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I knew I would (un)fit in

08 September 2010

I tell people that I first was attracted to Fulham because of the handful of Americans who plied their trade there. That following the fortunes of Brian McBride, Carlos Bocanegra and Clint Dempsey made it a logical choice for a Prem side to follow and my actual devotion to the club itself developed from that.

When Newcastle was relegated, this guy adopted Fulham as his Prem club.

But today, the Fulham Chronicle has revealed the truth: I like the club because its fans are some of the most unhealthy in the league.

Yup, apparently I root for a club with a fan base not only full of good sentiments from the last couple of seasons but also bangers, meat pies and copious amounts of beer. It’s a wonder with all of the late dramatics over the past four seasons or so that there haven’t been a spate of in-game coronaries from the Whites’ faithful.

So, as if I needed to feel better about the happy extended honeymoon I’ve had with the club, I now know their fans would be a rip to hang out with. Imagine how fat and happy we’ll all be if the Cottagers deign to actually win a match this season.

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