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Matchday 4: Fulham-Wolverhampton

10 September 2010

OK, Mark. Your run-of-draws tribute to Manchester City has been fun, but it’s time to start winning. Tomorrow would be a good time to start when mighty Wolves enter the Cottage. You know, Wolves, the team with less punch than an armless boxer, the one that has two more points than Fulham through three matches?

Bobby, what's it like to get mad paid? Or be taller than 5-foot-7?

If you’re looking for insightful, deep commentary on Wolves, this is the wrong place. I’ve seen chunks of a couple of their games this season. American Marcus Hahnemann provides capable goalkeeping, they’re scrappy and unapologetically physical at times, and have been opportunistic with their finishing. In a word, they’re not terrible.

Edit: According to game notes, Wolves have the fewest shots on target (7) of any team in the league, but still have four goals in their three matches. They also have completed the lowest percentage of passes and committed the highest number of fouls. Manager Mick McCarty said on Sky Sports News that his side wasn’t coming to bunker for a 0-0, but given his team’s style and that the last two editions of this fixture have ended scoreless, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing match if Fulham don’t score early.

That said, for non-relegation sides in the Prem, there are certain matches you circle for three points. This is one of them. For a Fulham side that has been very tough at home the last couple of seasons and still is looking to close the deal for the first time this campaign, this is a game they should win at home. I’d say comfortably, but I’ll take any winning margin to break the 2010-11 duck.

In related news, maybe Bobby Zamora can celebrate his new contract with a goal or two. Good on Zamora, who (rightfully) took a ton of heat for his lame performance in his first season at Fulham and has since turned all the jeers around with a plethora of rather skillful finishes. Now he’s (in theory) Fulham property though 2013-14.

I’ll be back at some point after the match with thoughts on the performance.

Prediction: Fulham 2, Wolves 0

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