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Chris Baird’s family’s home attacked with ‘petrol bomb’

20 September 2010

Baird should only have to deal with conflict on the pitch.

We here at The Goalless Draw obviously take soccer and our fanship seriously, but every now and again you get a healthy reminder that this is just a sport.

According to this Eurosport report, the family home of Fulham defender Chris Baird, a Northern Ireland international and a Catholic, was attacked with what sounds like a Molitov Cocktail. The report says several people, including Baird’s mother, escaped without injury in what was the second attack in three weeks on the house. Authorities are investigating the possibility that the attack was driven by the sectarianism that still riddles this religiously conflicted part of the United Kingdom.

Without turning this into The Goalless Sermon, my take on religion is pretty simple: Do more or less whatever you have to do to feel like you have a desirable relationship with your God, live in a way that you consider honorable, and leave others alone who believe something different. Obviously, many don’t follow that “to each his own” philosophy, but whatever mantra you follow shouldn’t include tossing a bomb into the house of someone who doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. It’s the ultimate in cowardice.

It also makes John Pantsil’s Facebook complaints/threat to quit Fulham seem extremely petty, especially since Pantsil, so far, has been benched for exactly one match for being horrible so far this season. Baird, who has been battling with the disgrunted Pantsil, Stephen Kelly and newcomer Carlos Salcido for starts at outside fullback since Paul Konchesky headed to Liverpool, obviously has bigger issues to deal with.

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