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John Pantsil misquoted … by himself?

20 September 2010

Yesterday, Pantsil supported Palestine.

As noted earlier in the Chris Baird post, Fulham defender John Pantsil posted a message on his Facebook account on Saturday after being dropped from the starting lineup. In it, he pretty much sounded like a guy who was ready to move on, thanking Fulham fans and saying he had enjoyed his time at the club.

All of that makes this story fairly remarkable. In it, Pantsil rubbishes claims that he was ready to quit Fulham and made some really strong quotes to back his assertions:

“I am not a mercenary. I am a Fulham patriot and I am here to stay and the fans know that,” he told “Losing one’s position is depressing but like all players you continue to fight to regain your position. Only cowards quit. I am not coward and I have Fulham at heart. The fans should be reassured that I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay.”

He then goes on to drop this gem:

“The person who wrote the article took it out of context but I am here to say that I am staying at Fulham to continue to fight.”

Um, John? The person who wrote the original post was you.

Strange story, but assuming you can believe Pantsil’s latest quotes about himself, that’s good news for Fulham. Despite a recent poor run of form, he’s been a very solid right back for the Cottagers and the next step in the club’s development is creating real competition for starting spots. Good for Pantsil to want to fight to get his spot back, and good for Fulham to have multiple options ready to play in an important spot.

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