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FIFA 11 drops

30 September 2010

EA Sports released FIFA 11 in the States on Tuesday, and like any overly obsessed football fan, I was there at GameStop at 11:45pm for a midnight sale. The game has a great Creation Centre where you can create players and clubs on the Internet, then they’ll download to your game console. I created Glockner and myself and added us to Somerville City FC. Here are some photos from our first match:

Welcome to state-of-the-art Redbones Park in Somerville.

Here we are in the starting lineup -- Glockner in goal, me at CAM.

Glockner was called into action early on, parrying a powerful shot on a breakaway.

Shalrie Joseph hurt me.

Seriously, this shot was like 10 yards wide of goal. That was for the cameras.

Glockner is beaten by a header, but it is disallowed for offside.

A goal from a tight angle leveled things in the 86th minute.

Somebody's got a new avatar.

I scored the eventual winner in extra time, in the 111th minute. (link is to video of goal)

Here’s a link to video of the winner.

Glockner barely makes it to get a piece of a cross, preserving the lead.

Here’s the video of that crazy sequence in the dying minutes of extra time.

And the final score:

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