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Not fit to wear the shirt. (Wolves 2, City 1)

30 October 2010

Unacceptable effort.

Unacceptable result.

Sometimes I really hate this club.

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  1. Bob Brewer permalink
    30 October 2010 12.36pm

    It’s amazing that both sides in Manchester have looked completely lost without Carlos Tevez. And to think he might want to leave City if Mancini is there. City can’t afford to let him go right now.

    It’s a shame Chelsea right now has absolutely no one to challenge them for the title because they are vulnerable. Yet City, Arsenal, and United just look like they don’t have the strength (mentally or physically) to overtake them.

  2. Andy Glockner permalink
    30 October 2010 9.05pm

    If brevity is the soul of wit, this blog post is rich with humor.

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