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City withdraw Premier League title request

20 December 2010

I don’t know why I even bother to watch this fixture any more. No matter how shambolic Everton are coming into this one — and apparently no matter how atrocious a team David Moyes fields — it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s three more points utterly wasted by City.

I’m not sure which was more excruciating: watching City actually get outplayed by the Championship-quality opposition in dark blue kits for the first half-hour or so, or the pathetically inept display of attacking naïveté that followed. With the relegation-battling visitors pinching themselves over a shock two-goal lead, City proceeded to make sloppy pass after sloppy pass and send in blind crosses and lob attempts out of a sheer lack of any better ideas.

It was fitting that City only stumbled onto the scoresheet thanks to a Phil Jagielka own goal. They could’ve played 900 minutes tonight and they wouldn’t have scored on their own.

So three more points dropped at home brings the season total to 15 from nine matches at Eastlands — a possible 27 points. And seven of those dropped points have come against sides from the bottom half of the table. It’s infuriating and utterly inexplicable, and it is ruining an otherwise promising season.

Roberto Mancini appeared to share the fans’ frustration, exploding in fits of anger on the touch line throughout one of the worst first halves I’ve seen from a City side in a while. I guess he’s too new to all of this to realize how very typical City it would be for them to needlessly throw away three points against one of the worst sides in the Premier League right now on the night the resolution — for now — of The Carlos Tévez Issue promised good vides.

I guess some things never change. City always can be counted on to make a complete hash of a good thing.

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